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Anthea McCourtie is a level 3 Personal Trainer (registered with CIMSPA) and is a master kettlebells instructor, level 1 Animal Flow instructor and a qualified pre and post natal trainer.

Movement is an important part of your programme, not just to improve body aesthetic (if that is part of your goal), but to support overall physical and mental health in several areas. Discovering what your body is capable of, and building upon that, can be such a powerful tool in helping to love and appreciate your body! This helps encourage you to fuel yourself with healthy foods and grows resilience for any other goals.

Both at home training (within a specified area) and online training is offered. You don’t need loads of space or equipment. I either bring the equipment to you, or we use what you may already have.

A wide range of training is available for at home sessions and fun is always an important part of your sessions!

Bodyweight, kettlebells, TRX (suspension) training as well as Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and Animal Flow are some of the options that can form part of your programme.

Whether it has been a while since you were physically active, or if you are looking to further improve your fitness, all levels are catered for.


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